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UnityAGK: Action Game Kit v1.0 *powered by Unity
*No Programming Required; Easy to Use Action Game Development Kit!

UnityAGK, is a Complete Game Project with Editing Tools to help you easily create Tile-based Action Games, such as Hack and Slash or Shooter Games. Create a Gauntlet-style Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy Hack and Slay, Sci-Fi Shooter, or even a Zombie Game is possible without touching a Line of Code! 

uagk_editor1   uagk_editor3

Note: UnityAGK currently does not support Unity’s Terrains (height-maps), or Mecanim.

*Software Requirements: UnityAGK is not a standalone product. Unity 4.2+ Software is Required. http://unity3d.com/


UnityAGK developed by Kuroāto [Media] // Contact. info@KUROato.com